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ESD Getting a Face Lift

mrs.king a posted Mar 15, 14
Tribble test server is sporting a new look for ESD.  For a slide show of the pics I took, click here!

Armageddeon New ESD map layout of of 3/29/14 on Tribble ...
poktoi wow I didnt even know they were changing anything guess I will have to chack it out when I get home from work tonight.

New STO Policy

mrs.king a posted Jan 24, 14

As we approach the completion of the Military Tier for the Federation Star Base,  some important decisions had to be made regarding  how to handle new recruits.  The officers  met to discuss our options and here is a quick review of the decisions made.

1) all current members (individual toons, not individual accounts) are grandfathered in so far as access to Fleet ships etc.

2) any new recruits (whether the player is already a fleet member or not) will stay at the recruit level until THAT TOON has contributed 250,000 fleet credits to the projects. Once they reach that mark, they can be promoted to member and help themselves to Fleet ships.

Any questions, please post here.....
gavriilpeloponnakos I know that episode too. It's not sad at all. heck, one of the more famous tng episodes. featured episode based on it to ...
Phillips Is it sad or awesome that I immediately knew which episode of TNG that picture was of? I'm going with awesome. Tasha h ...

Fleet Weapon Provisioning

mrs.king a posted Oct 11, 13
Upon review of the Starbase provisioning system, I have decided to dedicate one project at a time towards building the personal provisions up. Now that our Starbase has reached a level that allows members to purchase Fleet Weapons, I see no reason not to have that available for our players. Unfortunately it will slow the Military Tier down a bit, but I want our people to have the best the game has to offer available to them.

Once each project finishes, there will be 25 provisions available. That would outfit maybe 4 ships at a time? So please don’t be greedy with grabbing stuff. Feel free to outfit one ship if you are able to, but wait till another project finishes before doing another ship, that kind of thing. I am hoping that most people will get what they need after a few projects finish, and then we can just start a stockpile. This way once we finish the Military Tier, and have fleet ships available, we will also have provisions to share.

Some fleet ships are already available, and the new Fleet Battle Cruiser is apparently one of them. I realize that once you have a fleet ship, you want to outfit it with fleet weapons. This new policy will remain in effect until we have a decent stockpile of provisions

poktoi thanks for the info now I can finish outfitting my shiny new fleet battle cruiser

One Jem'Hadar Attack ship will be given away as soon as we reach Tier V on the Federation Star Base.  The catch? This contest is for those that contribute towards the Federation Starbase only, and you must put in enough items for your standing to up by 1,000,000 fleet credits from where you are right now.  Yes, that's a lot, but we have a long way to go and the ship was purchased for right at $400,000,000 ec.  If everyone in the fleet were to contribute 1,000,000 fleet credits, we could get the Starbase built in no time.  This contest may not interest some of you, and that's cool, but for those that are interested, start contributing now.  Make use of the Fleet dilithium mine, and the Embassy items to help you reach your goal quicker!  Once we reach Tier V, I will randomly choose a winner from all those that have met the criteria.   Good luck gentlemen!

mrs.king a Rick was our winner of the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship. Congratulations to Rick, and thanks to all who helped build the starb ...
mizt We just laid the last brick today (or in this case, 34 Mark VII Photon Torpedo Launchers). In about 20 hours, the Tier 5 ...
mrs.king a I have heard some say that once they contribute a mill then they don't have to anymore. So, I will add an entry every t ...

This has nothing to do with gaming, but is a project I am passionate about and any fan of sci-fi should know about.  J Michael Straczynski posted this last week: "Honestly, if fans want the original Babylon 5 back on the air as more than an obscure reference, then y'all need to get organized and loud." Last Sunday night he made his first hash tag#FreeBabylon5 and has asked the community to become more vocal about our love of the series.  I have joined in that effort and would like all of you to as well. Get the word out and let's get the show back on the air.  Use the #FreeBabylon5, it's getting noticed. Spread the word around.  Watch this video and see if you don't feel the same fire I do.

AJ Kelwar I have all the Babylon 5 episodes and the tv movies on dvd. Have to get it all on Bluray now to watch in 3D. It was an a ...
mrs.king a <a href="" rel="publisher">Google+</a> Spr ...
Phillips I'm all for it, but what I wouldn't give to have another Star Trek series or to get more Firefly episodes.
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