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TBW meet

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Sher a
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This video is dedicated to my friends. It is my version of our trip to Nashville. You cannot know how much this trip meant to me. I hope we can do another Fleet Meet in the future, and more can experience the excitement, the wonder, and the friendship that I did.

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Posted Jun 25, 12 · OP
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I believe we MUST plan another STO event, but far enough in the future so that people will have time to save/plan. The ONLY thing that could have made this trip any better is if more people could have made it there. Words do not exist to express just how much fun we had! (my mouth muscles were actually sore from all the smiling). Thanks Sher for putting this brilliant video together!

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Posted Jun 25, 12
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Using unauthorized electronics while plane is taking off. Reporting to the FAA! Awesome work as always Sher. I love how you saluted the admiral as she disembarked :p Did you blow the whistle?
Posted Jun 26, 12
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