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Multi teams one marking system

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Target Marking and Kill order (we will never probably have to use them all but I thought it would be nice to have a system)

Flame = main tank
Lightning = off tank
Light saber = Sorcerer cc
Gun = Bounty hunter CC
Shield = other CC
Target = Sniper CC
Cog = Operative cc
Star = Assassin CC

We do not all have to use this but if we did it would make it easier for those of us that play multiple toons and may be in multiple groups
Also I suggest we give raid assist to everyone that can cc so that people can mark their own targets and we don't have to spend time having one person mark them all
Posted Jun 24, 12 · OP
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Task Force
This is proof that we all have different ideas for "what makes sense". In any case lets just make sure that we are clear during raids which is which. I will say personally I like the idea of giving everyone an opportunity to mark their target - it would certainly speed things along and i also like when the leader calls out the whole "3-2-1" thing.

Thanks for postin blood - good idea!
Posted Jun 24, 12 · Last edited Jun 24, 12
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Guild Wars 2 Officer target is always Gold Star!

Just kidding, this is great, I like having everyone know so it doesn't have to be explained in every fight. Hopefully it will save some time.
Posted Jun 25, 12
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I agree. If all the raids used the same system then it would be easy for us on alts that go to different raids to still know what is what.
Posted Jun 25, 12
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