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Anyone play MOBA games? Heroes of Newerth / League of Legends / Dota 2

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Just curious if anyone here likes to play moba games. It would be nice to organize a small group to play with ( since solo queuing can be quite a headache ). If we get enough people to play we can even organize in-house games (5v5, 3v3, midwars, whatever to have some fun). By the way if you have not played any MOBA games, HoN and LoL are both free to play. Don't worry if your new to this genre, I am willing to help anybody learn to play.

I am also interested in trying to make a competitive team for the MOBA genre. If interested in this let me know. I would prefer HoN, but I do have competitive experience in both HoN and League. Post if interested!
Posted Aug 8, 12 · OP
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I play lots of League but not competitively. only started playing a month or so ago and i'm like level 15 lol
Posted Aug 8, 12
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Well I play LoL, also not competitively, though sadly also not much on the NA servers. :s
Of course I got a smurf over there, though he's still level 9 and I'd need to polish the life out of it before it it would be worth much I think. ^^

Though of course I always could level it up further, since TF is the only champ I unlocked on it I could get better used to him that way as well. :3
Posted Aug 11, 12
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I used to play League of Legends semi-competitively, mainly because of timing issues with the team i was with.
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Posted Aug 11, 12
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I play Awesomenauts. That is pretty much it.
Posted Aug 13, 12
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