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TBW's Epic Adventure

Sher a posted Jun 29, 13  -  Star Trek

Special Thanks to Molson, Monkee, Mrs. King, Rick, and Locious
 for their assistance in making this video.
This updated version now includes all 7 of our celebrity endorsements.
Long Live TBW

adrianbreahna I feel so proud and lucky to join this great community
adrianbreahna is it my impression or this video is better than season 8's opening video?
monkeesee1701 Wow! Sher, you did it again. Great video!

Click for Prizes

Posted Stardate -310462.78 by Commanding Officer, Mrs. King, Fleet Admiral, TBW

I am pleased to announce that we are ready to start our next contest.
Starting immediately, Everyone is invited to help us update the fleet uniform for Romulan toons,. One for male toons, and one for female toons, both on Federation side and KDF side.

The rules are simple, The uniform must be able to be equipped on a level 1 toon.
No Legacy pieces

To submit an entry, take a screenshot of the uniform you create and send it via pm on this site, or my email which is also on my profile.

All registered members are eligible except Mrs. King, Sher, Bob, and Rick.
Make sure you save the uniform you create so it can be accessed for cloning if you win

   Earn bonus Reputation and Fleet Marks during our special weekend event that runs from 10AM PDT on Thursday, June 13th until 10AM PDT on Monday, June 17th!

During this time, specific queued events and content will reward bonus Reputation and Fleet Marks.

More Here

     This coming weekend is a Tribble Test Weekend, as well as the start of our Open Beta! Not only can you test out the new content releasing with the launch of Legacy of Romulus, but you can earn a special reward for doing so. Information about our upcoming content update can be found throughout the Legacy of Romulus News Dev Blog Index.
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