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  Snake gives us a rundown of what was discussed at the GW2 Pre-launch party.
SILINT a good luck gettin the black watch guild name
Deknight I won't be on mumble until 11 server
'  As we near the launch date, I would like to do a quick sync via mumble @9pm PDT on Wednesday.

Update: TBW Charity Event

Tech a posted Aug 13, 12  -  clanD3guildgw2PS2SToSWTORtbwgaming.comTSWWoW
  We are so close to meeting our goal for the Extra Life 24 gaming marathon event to help children with serious illnesses.  
Ragin Cajun Cybear8 ...
  Stress Test Today 4:00 PM PACIFIC Time to 8:00 PM PACIFIC Time.

Stress Test 08/09

Tech a posted Aug 8, 12  -  betaGuild Wars 2gw2
  Don't stress, another test tomorrow.
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